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Our family pays a lot of attention to environmental sustainability; in everything we do, we try to give priority to the respect for nature.


Since 2007 our structure is energetically self-sufficient as a result of the installation of one of the first photovoltaic systems in the province. Due to the absence of cement, the PV system of 20 kWp fits perfectly into the natural surroundings. Therefore we earned an award which we are very proud of: "Best Practices" of Legambiente which is a national award given to agricultural farms, agricultural food farms and local enterprises for giving the best example in the matter of green energy and PV systems installed in compliance with land use and natural resources and energetic efficiency and the interests of local communities.

In 2010, two more installations joined the first PV system: a 200 kWp system built on the ground able to provide energy for approximately 70 families and another 6 kWp installation on the roof of the shed which allowed us to replace the old asbestos roof. Moreover, the apartments in the main house have their hot water provided through a solar panel system.


We continually strive to get the best possible quality of our products using “lotta guidata” as our pest management systems; compared to the traditional pest prevention, this mode of intervention allows us to reduce the number of chemical treatments and therefore maintaining an excellent and healthy quality of the product.

When the necessity of a new structure presented itself, we naturally used the opportunity to once again put environment and sustainability in the first place and started to develop a new construction for the bottling and storage of oil and wine. In the winter of 2013/2014 this structure, entirely made of wood, has been built and stands on the property. The outer wall of the building is fully isolated and allows us to keep the products at an ideal temperature throughout the year with the least emission of energy.

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